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About the Book

Have you ever thought about the fears of growing up? Are things starting to look a little different? Do you ever find yourself questioning how you look? … No worries, it’s all a part of the process of growing up and becoming a young woman. “Welcome To Womanhood: A Pre-Teen Survival Guide”, is a girlfriends guide to surviving those awkward adolescent changes and hormonal distresses. Written from a big sister’s standpoint, Dr. Ciara explains the importance of having morals and values in the 21st Century, and incorporating them into your process of blossoming into a beautiful lady. Topics addressed in this book include: gossiping, bullying, manners, respecting authorities, hygiene, self-esteem, and many more.



About the Author

Dr. Ciara L. Bostick has proven herself as a motivational speaker, professor, and notable leadership trainer. In 2009, Dr. Ciara established a nonprofit organization, God's Gift, Inc., whose mission is providing a healthy environment for girls ages 7-17, by offering mentoring programs, weekend retreats, career development and training, college preparation, and most importantly helping girls to recognize their self -worth. God's Gift, Inc. Over the years, Dr. Ciara has partnered with many churches, schools, and community centers to encourage young girls and message of self-worth worldwide.

Welcome To Womanhood: A Pre-Teen Survival Guide

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